Right now, I’m in my old apartment in Boston. My plan is to find the single most concentrated spot of sun and sit there, which right now puts me on the floor next to the coffee table.

An older man in a nice suit sat down next to me on my flight yesterday. He looked at me and said “Glad to see you aren’t one of them 300-pounders!” What do you say to that? “Yeah, me too”? “Actually, I am, I’m just very dense”? I went with “Yup, that’s always a possibility.”

Today I’m going to buy remaindered books at the Harvard Bookstore, watch Karen’s sister ballroom dance, then dress up like I’m from space and go to a party. Oh! And maybe the best part about being back is that I got everything I left here over the holidays–including my New Jersey sunglasses! (as featured in a previous Movering photo). Do you think they wore sunglasses like those in space?