So my computer broke last Thursday, and then on Friday I got a new one, but all my info was broken, such as how-do-I-edit-this-blog and what-is-the-password-again and YES I know that I should just KNOW these things and not have to stare intently at the computer trying to remember, but I didn’t, ok? So here I am, posting. Finally.

I’ve been getting larkier, if that’s possible. With Garrett‘s departure from EchoDitto and starting a new job at VREP, we’ve been trying to figure out the new carpool protocol. I’m trying out the leave-the-house-at-seven-thirty method (stymied yesterday by that tricky Daylight Savings Time).

Going to Chicago this weekend. Anything in particular to look out for? After that, I will be heading to Canada for some meetings and probably get a chiro session from a chiropractor in Vancouver.


This weekend I read a sponsored article in the Times about morning people versus night people. I always vaguely thought that sort of thing was a myth, but apparently science supports this division. Morning people are larks and night people are owls. According to the article, about 10% of the population are “extreme larks” and 10% are “extreme owls,” with the rest falling somewhere in the middle.

Now, to me, the most surprising thing about this article was seeing the word “extreme” used so seriously. I thought “extreme” had been completely co-opted by sports drinks, motor oil, and cheesy snacks. But no! There are still scientists completely unaware that “extreme” can no longer be used with a straight face. Silly scientists.

As for me, given that I’m writing this at 6:32am, I’m probably verging on the “XTREME.”