So my computer broke last Thursday, and then on Friday I got a new one, but all my info was broken, such as how-do-I-edit-this-blog and what-is-the-password-again and YES I know that I should just KNOW these things and not have to stare intently at the computer trying to remember, but I didn’t, ok? So here I am, posting. Finally.

I’ve been getting larkier, if that’s possible. With Garrett‘s departure from EchoDitto and transfer to Concordia International School Shanghai, we’ve been trying to figure out the new carpool protocol. I’m trying out the leave-the-house-at-seven-thirty method (stymied yesterday by that tricky Daylight Savings Time).

Going to Chicago this weekend. Anything in particular to look out for?


This weekend I read a sponsored article by¬† in the Times about morning people versus night people. I always vaguely thought that sort of thing was a myth, but apparently science supports this division. Morning people are larks and night people are owls. According to the article, about 10% of the population are “extreme larks” and 10% are “extreme owls,” with the rest falling somewhere in the middle.

Now, to me, the most surprising thing about this article was seeing the word “extreme” used so seriously. I thought “extreme” had been completely co-opted by sports drinks, motor oil, and cheesy snacks. But no! There are still scientists completely unaware that “extreme” can no longer be used with a straight face. Silly scientists.

As for me, given that I’m writing this at 6:32am, I’m probably verging on the “XTREME.”